Amil Casting Frame: device used to treat scoliosis, the term used to denote the sideward curve in the spine

Technical Specifications

The AMIL® Frame incorporates a series of devices and mechanisms that facilitate controlled traction, derotation and lateral pressure of the spine whilst a plaster of Paris jacket, or corrective body cast, is being applied on the torso of the child undergoing the delicate treatment process.


  • Designed and constructed specifically for application of corrective plaster casts
  • for spinal deformity in infants and young children
  • Conforms to criteria established by orthopedic surgeons
  • Takes up minimum space in the plaster room
  • Easily knocked down flat for transportation and re-assembly with minimum effort
  • Adjustable height (floor to working surface)
  • Tilting mirror aids visual control during plaster of paris application
  • Fully lockable rubber castor wheels